Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Skin Care Tips. | Tips&Tricks.

Hi everyone, today I'm giving you some skin care tips that I think are very important for all your beautiful faces.
  1. Do not wear make-up every single day. This is one tip everyone should know as you need to let your skin breathe. You also need to remove it every night as its when your cells will renew itself and keeping make-up on your skin will clog up pores.
  2. Ex-foliate your skin at least once a week. It'll makes your skin glow.
  3. Always moisturise, even if you have oily skin, don't be afraid my loved ones. I have combination skin and I only use to moisturise my face where it was dry but later on I found that it's really important to moisturise everywhere as I heard your face only produces oil when it's dry, so applying moisturiser to your skin will minimise that.
  4. Wear face masks. Every now and then its important to put on a face mask as it provides a deep nourishment to your skin. You can just make your own face masks at home. (DIY Face Masks)
  5. Its important to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin. This is because your skin is the most abused by the environment and our lifestyles and this can leave your face with breakouts. No7 do a nice range of cleansers, toners and moisturisers that are affordable. 
  6. To detoxify and help your skin breathe, open your pores by putting a warm towel over you face for a few minutes.
  7. Eat a Healthy diet! We all know eating healthy will make your skin look healthy but being the teenager I am, and some of you too, there's a chance that's not going to happen but this is really important as it'll keep your skin at its healthiest.
  8. Always apply moisturiser or make-up that has SPF in there, this will keep your skin from getting damaged by the sun and is the best way to keep skin youthful.
  9. Doing yoga can improve circulation. The boost of oxygen this gives is what leaves your skin with a lovely glow.
  10. Almonds are a healthy snack that will give you super skin that is plump and healthy as it contains omega-3 and vitamin E.
So here it is; 10 Skin Care Tips. I hope you all maybe learnt something from this as I think these are a few important things you should know.
Thanks for reading!