Saturday, 31 October 2015

Make-up musts for gorgeous photos. | Tips&Tricks.

Hi beautiful people, recently I've been going to a lot of events that I would like to remember for the rest of my life and that would mean having my picture taken in different lighting and scenes which can effect the way your make-up looks so I found these tips for picture perfect make-up that helped me look better in photo's than before with my make-up on and I thought that maybe these will help you too.
  1.  All natural. Always have make-up applied in natural light. This will be the best indicator of how it will look when photographed.
  2. Primary focus. Primmer is essential for keeping make-up intact. It kind of plays the role of base coat on a manicure. Oil-free versions are best and also sensitive skin-friendly.
  3. Lighten up. Avoid going too dark in your foundation shade. Have it professionally matched to your skin tone, and if it's for a special event, try and get it matched close to the date as possible. 
  4. Matte is a must. For checks, stay away from shimmery powders. For eyelids, keep shimmer strictly on eye lids.
  5. Line up. When lining eyelids, start in the centre and work your way to the outer edge. Lining the entire lid will cause your eyes to look smaller.
  6. More is better. A camera flash will wash out colours, no matter what. Don't be scared off by a dramatic finished look. It won't photograph that way.
  7. Blend, blend, blend. The camera flash will highlight unblended edges, and unblended concealer will highlight fine lines.
  8. Say no to SPF. Even though SPF is really important in make-up for everyday use, for picture perfect make-up, primer and foundation should be SPF-free. Formula's containing sunscreen cast a ghost-like glow with the camera flash.
  9. Mellow yellow. To set make-up, choose a slightly yellow-er powder rather than translucent. Much like SPF formula's, translucent powders cast a white glow when photographed.
  10. Practice run. Don't let the day of the occasion be the first to try your products. Consultation and trial runs are essential to creating to perfect final look.
So here's the make-up musts I found online that helped me out a lot.
What make-up musts do you do for gorgeous photos?
Thanks for reading!